Internships at SMCC


An internship with SMCC provides you with a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Southern Marin families.

Not all of Marin is wealthy, and many, many families live with minimal support and resources.  At SMCC we're dedicated to provide free services that support the whole person and the whole family.


School Programs

  • SMCC has an office on-site at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School.  Interns interact with and support the kids throughout their day.  That might be resolving conflicts, conducting social skills groups, or giving some individual attention to kids whose home life is especially stressful.

Counseling Programs

  • SMCC offers free counseling to adults, couples, families, and children.  
  • Many of our clients live within a block of the SMCC offices.  You'll get to know them as individuals and be a part of the community.

Job Programs

  • Getting a job is one thing - but showing up and keeping the job may be something very different.
  • So often emotional issues get in the way of work success.
  • You can work with your clients to help them understand and accept the challenges they face in the work environment. 

Senior Programs

  • As in all communities, our seniors often lead isolated and lonely lives.
  • We work with our community's seniors to help them find ways to connect, build new relationships, develop new interests, and deal with the pain that comes with grief and loss.