Free Counseling and Support

SMCC has a staff of highly trained professionals and interns to provide counseling and support during difficult times in your life.

  • Comfort during times of hardship, grief or loss
  • Manage stress, worry, and sadness
  • Improve relationships
  • Connect to county services: food assistance, medical help, counseling, housing
  • Support for addiction and recovery

We provide counseling for all ages and life stages, from preschool age through senior adults.

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Children

Individual Counseling

We provide support for all types of life issues, such as childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, divorce, grief, and end of life. 

You can come in for just one session or set up a regular schedule, we're flexible.  

Couples and Family Counseling

Families and couples often get into ruts.  They seem to have the same fights over and over again.   The same resentments keep cropping up.  Soon it can seem as if your family is a source of stress rather than support.  Sometimes the best way to work on these issues is to bring the whole family together, so everyone can help work on solutions.  

Counseling for Kids and Teens

Child and adolescent counseling and family counseling are a core focus at SMCC.  We're structured to coordinate with the different areas of your child's life; school, home, recreation. 

Alcohol and Drug Use

There are many resources available to help the someone who is drinking and/or using drugs.  But, there are very few programs to help a family dealing with a loved one's addiction.

We understand the stress that having a loved one who is using places on the family.  We can help you find some peace in the midst of what can be a violent storm.